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Facility M&D (XGG) -- Tianjin  
Key Features:  
Staff: 200 (approx)
Warehouse size and capacity: 21000 sq.m
25 15tons folk lifts / 17 30tons crane
Depot size and capacity: 10500 sq.m / 760 TEU storage
Locations: address: Building.2, Xin Gang No2 Rd, Chang Xi Rd.  (4~5km to Xingang terminal)

Facility M&D China (SHA) -- Shanghai    
Key Features:  
Staff: 170 (approx)
Warehouse size and capacity : 18000 sq.m
15 15tons folk lifts / 13 30tons crane
Depot size and capacity: 9000 sq.m / 650 TEU storage
Locations: No.1459, Shui Chan Rd. Shanghai  (10 km to terminal)

How Can We Protect Your Cargoes?

Our Facilities
> Large Warehouse brings us possibility of huge-volume-Bulk storage.
> Mass In-Door Depot and Out-Door Square can be applied for different storage needs.
> Fine warehouse conditions can protect your cargoes from all damages coursed by water-logging, dust, rough ground etc.
> Various warehousing equipments from Big Steel Heavy Crane or Heavy Fork Lifts to small Fasteners or little nails are specified for different cargoes under strict standard.

All the storage methods are issued with high intensive research of your cargoes

We select the fittest to survive.

Our People
> Our Warehouse Employees are hired with careful selections and scientific probations.
> Our Warehouse Employees are with Technical Certificates and at least 3-year-experience in warehousing fields .
> We have good reputation in the break-bulk storage.
> Our Blocking & Bracing is according to BNSF and AAR’s Standard

We are professional; we are responsible; we are dedicating.