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Oil Rig
> These Rigs are very difficult for Blocking & Bracing.
> Each of them is with high commercial value.
> Our fasteners and strips are products recommend by BNSF, NHTSA and AAR.
> Our Blocking & Bracing skills are excellent

Vertical Machine
> All these machines need rigid anti-rust measures.
> 3 tiers of Coverage Tier 1and Tier 2: waterproof PBVC Tier 3: Waterproof Tarp
> Anti-Rust Oil invented by Fu Dan University SF-9 3 years'Anti-Rust Guarantee
> Our Expertise in Anti-Erosion is obvious.

Kabul International Airport-Air Bridge
> The inland transportation at destination side is the most essential part of this delivery.
> The whole unit of the Air Bridge must be accurately located on the trailer.
> The way to Kabul, Afghan is hard.
> The condition of road is poor.
> The journey is surrounded with terrorists and hazard.
> With all our relationship, we have perfect Security Escort and Trucking Support.
> We have accomplished a task which NATO could only do with its military forces.
We get the cargoes moved.

Jib Crane Equipment
> POL: Shanghai,China
> POD: Hyundai Vinashin Shipyard , Vietnam
> Client:
> Cargo Description: 55mt operation cabin, 36 meter long lifting arm

Coal-fired Power Plant Project in Surabaya
> Total 20000 revenue ton Project Cargo
> POL: Shanghai, China
> POD: Surabaya, Indonesia
> Delivery: to the project site
> Client: WILMAR

Project Cargo on Mafi with RORO VSL
> Two units of Qualistock Deodorizers
> POL: Shanghai, China
> POD: Beirut, Lebanon
> Dimension: 14100x2450x2600mm per unit
> Unit weight: 15300KGS

Truck Crane
> POL:  Shanghai
> POD:  Dar Es Salam
> DES:  Lubumbashi


Truck Crane
> POL:  Shanghai
> POD:  San Antonio